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Amy’s House is a small charity and relies almost entirely on fundraising to allow a growing number of deserving families to be helped. Unlike many charities we are completely volunteer led and have no paid fundraisers so every penny you raise for us goes directly to the charity and benefits the children.

We are always totally transparent in how the donations are used.

Last year we used the money raised to purchase:



The growing number of families with children with special needs in the area is putting pressure on our facility.  With our new building we are able to accept more children and help more families. But we need more staff and equipment to do this and so the cost of running our facility increases.  So any fundraising or help we can have is very much appreciated!



Amy's House is governed by a board of Directors who work on a voluntary basis. Any money raised through fundraising goes directly to support the children through funding outings, equipment, specialist toys, running costs and staff salaries. 

All donations can be tracked and, if requested, we can advise you how your money is spent. Many groups raising money like to fundraise to buy a certain piece of equipment or fund a specific outing for the children. If this sounds like something you would like to do then please speak to Antonia or Jayne who will be able to advise accordingly and either source equipment at the best price or advise on the types of equipment needed.  

Alternatively any money raised will go towards the ever-growing running/salary costs required to run Amy's House. Again, these can be seen on request. 

At no time will public money be spent recklessly and we will continue to endeavour to source quality equipment at the best possible prices. 

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