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Making a donation in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way of celebrating their life. Donations in memory of your loved one will help other families create precious memories of their own.


Funeral collections and donations in lieu of flowers

You may wish to organise a collection at a funeral or to ask people to make a donation to Amy’s House instead of sending flowers. You can either arrange to do this yourself or your funeral director may be able to assist you with the collection.

We are able to supply you with donation envelopes, which help you keep track of what has been donated and enable us to claim the gift aid on the donations.

Please ask guests to make cheques payable to Amy’s House and send them to us at:
Amy’s House, 225a Handsworth Road, Sheffield S13 9BH

Please don’t send us cash in the post.


Donation in memory

You can remember the life of a loved one by making a donation in their memory. Or, you may wish to mark a birthday or anniversary by joining together with friends and family to raise money in memory of a loved one and making a donation in their name. You’ll be helping keep their memory alive at the same time as helping other families create their own wonderful moments.

You can set up an online page in memory of your loved one on JustGiving. If you, or anyone else, go on to do any other fundraising in that person’s memory the site has a facility for you to link all the pages together to keep a running total of all the money that has been raised. Friends and families who have come together in this way to raise money tell us that it has helped them to do something positive at a time of sadness.

If you would like any further information on organising a funeral collection or making a donation in memory, please contact our our office on 0114 2422294 or send an email for the attention of Jayne Hurditch to:

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